Flash Fiction Review Double Feature!

I’ve been getting my ass kicked at work, and as a result I have missed a day of my month of short horror fiction reviews! I have brought shame upon this podcast and myself. To make up for it please enjoy the following double feature!

Sometimes Boys Don’t Know by Donyae Coles

This is a classic tale of predator becoming prey. It wasn’t very scary, and the twist was kind of predictable. I did find it funny and kind of charming, though. I think that was intentional. I thought it was well written, well edited, and had a clear arc. That is not an easy feat considering the limited word count.

7 arbitrary stars out of 10 arbitary stars.

Taking Control of Your Life in Five Easy Steps by P H Lee

This is giving me mad creepy pasta vibes in the best way. I don’t mean to say that it is poorly written or amateurish. I mean that it has that sort of Internet Urban Legend vibe. The steps to take control of your life start out as some plausible scam that you might actually see in reality and quickly devolve into a horrific insanity that never crosses the line into being ridiculous. This is everything I want from flash fiction.

10 arbitrary stars out of 10 arbitrary stars.

Both of these stories were found in Nightmare Magazine.


I co-host the Words About Books podcast with my writing partner Nate.

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