Extra Nate: Murder She Wrote: Gin and Daggers

It’s time for some Extra Nate! What am I talking about this time? *Checks notes* hmmmm… well this is gonna be a challenge.

Murder She Wrote: Gin & Daggers. A book I almost forgot to review. It’s Murder She Wrote except as a book. From what I can tell Murder She Wrote is about a successful murder mystery author who has to solve crimes. She often is pined after by all the men in her life because she’s a very desirable woman. But she ALSO doesn’t have time for anybody or anything. She’s got shit to do, leave her alone. Maybe she can pencil you in tomorrow. Wait sorry I have to reschedule you, something came up, how about Sunday?

Yeah it was an okay book. I think I gave it a solid thumbs in the middle. Honestly, if I didn’t need to make a blog for every book read for the podcast I would just skip this one. It doesn’t do much for me because I never watched the show. There’s nothing to hate either. It’s a very competent book.

Except the title sucks 0/10. No alliteration at all. Get the f*** out of here with that s***.


It’s definitely an episode of Murder She Wrote but as a book. If you want more Murder She Wrote and have already watched all the episodes of Murder She Wrote… there you go.


It’s a short book, there are way too many characters, and there sure is a lot of “let’s not talk now, let’s talk in 2 chapters from now.” Its slow for how little happens and there are too many side characters that are entirely useless.


Nothing exceptional, nothing horrible.


It was a fun enough book but as you can tell I’m struggling to even put in memes or say anything substantial about this.


If you’re a huge Murder She Wrote fan then this is the book for you. 20/20 in that case. But for the genre fan of mystery readers I’d give it a weak recommendation.

TOTAL SCORE: 55/100 (Average score is 55 so this is the most average you can be)

Nate Creed

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