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Over on Patreon we are asking our members to choose our November book club pick from the following:

Memories of My Melancholy Whores


Gabriel García Márquez

On the eve of his ninetieth birthday a bachelor decides to give himself a wild night of love with a virgin. As is his habit–he has purchased hundreds of women–he asks a madam for her assistance. The fourteen-year-old girl who is procured for him is enchanting, but exhausted as she is from caring for siblings and her job sewing buttons, she can do little but sleep. Yet with this sleeping beauty at his side, it is he who awakens to a romance he has never known.

Tender, knowing, and slyly comic, Memories of My Melancholy Whores is an exquisite addition to the master’s work.

A little known bit of Words About Books trivia is that Nate briefly majored in English. This is one of the books that made him rethink the course of his life. If you want to torture the boys choose this melancholy bit of douchery.

Thrymskvitha (Þrymskviða)

by Unknown

Thrymskvitha is another poem from The Poetic Edda. Thor awakes one morning to find that Mjollnir is missing. Thor and Loki embark on a quest to find the missing hammer. Their adventures take them to the home of a Jotun who demands the hand of Freyja in marriage as payment for the return of the hammer. Freyja refuses and it’s up to Thor Odinson to play the role of bride, at least until he gets that Hammer back in his hands…

After Lokasenna, which we covered on a previous episode, this is Ben’s favorite Norse myth. He’ll probably read it again whether you want to listen to him talk about it or not.

The Crying of Lot 49


Thomas Pynchon

Suffused with rich satire, chaotic brilliance, verbal turbulence and wild humor, The Crying of Lot 49 opens as Oedipa Maas discovers that she has been made executrix of a former lover’s estate. The performance of her duties sets her on a strange trail of detection, in which bizarre characters crowd in to help or confuse her. But gradually, death, drugs, madness, and marriage combine to leave Oedipa in isolation on the threshold of revelation, awaiting the Crying of Lot 49.

This one was recommended to us by a listener who assures us that it is quite good. If you want to recommend something for future polls please leave us a comment down below!


I co-host the Words About Books podcast with my writing partner Nate.

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