Nate’s Top 5ish Guesses for How Twilight Ends

Hey everyone it’s me, Nate. I promised you Twilight blogs and damnit I’m giving you twilight blogs. If you haven’t checked it out yet, Ben and I read Midnight Sun for the podcast.

So as I’m reading the book I’m going to share with you my conspiracy theories on where I think the book is going yet. Please note I’ve never read the main series books and I have no plans to do so. Based on cultural osmosis there’s a possibility I’m wrong… but what if I’m right? What if Midnight Sun was an inside job?!

Bella is an Elder thing.

The story of Midnight Sun is there’s a super cool awesome vampire stalker man who hates high school but goes anyway. He and his gang of incestuous family members go to high school and just, exist, I guess. But one day a new girl comes to school. A girl so unbelievably attractive and amazing and super awesome but she’s just a normal girl like you and me. So insert yourself into her. Author-style. Because you could be her. You can get a super cool vampire man to fall in love with you too!

I actually did not know that Edward could read minds. I also didn’t know that he couldn’t read Bella’s mind. But it all makes sense if Bella is something so far beyond his comprehension he cannot even imagine it with 100% of his vampire super brain. Not only could he not read her thoughts, but he felt compelled to protect her. She came off as just so meek and pathetic. She would go to a small town out in Nowhere, Washington and find the one serial murder-rapist in the entire 50-mile radius and lure him to her. Why? To lure Edward in obviously!

Edward comes to her rescue again and again. Eventually he’s straight up stalking her. But the whole time Bella is aware that he’s there. He can’t read her mind, but she can read his. She can feel his presence. I felt for sure it was only a matter of time before she had him and devoured him. But she’s waiting, for some reason. I thought the moment had arrived at last when she saw him glowing in the sun but no. Perhaps she liked to play with her food? Perhaps she wants him to bite her when there are no witnesses around. Then she will have him. She will reveal her true nature as an ancient being beyond mortal comprehension. She will awaken and she will devour her natural prey.

Another part of the theory could be that she’s a succubus. Which might mean she eats men or mythological creatures in general. That could explain the whole Team Edward vs. Team Jacob thing. She wants to devour both.

Bella is a genetic experiment.

Perhaps instead of being an elder being, she’s a Dune-style genetic experiment? Her father’s thoughts are muddled and difficult for Edward to read. Perhaps there’s a long line of breeding that got Bella to be the perfect being. One whose mind could not be invaded by the foul blood rats.

Then there’s her mother. Who seems to command people with her mind without knowing it. Her thoughts are screamed loudly and people just can’t help but help her. Even though she’s a total garbage person people go out of their way to come to her aid. Now at last these two bloodlines have met and Bella has been forged to be the perfect vampire slayer. Once she finally gains her vampiric powers she will dominate and destroy the blood rats from within. I assume that’s what happens at the end of the series: Bella destroys her supposed allies and the Illuminati (or the Bene Gesserit equivalent) step out of the shadows. Absolutely sinister.

Cupid exists and is kind of an asshole. So this is another stretch here but hear me out. In this world love just happens to people. Esme loved Carlisle and like… fell off a cliff or something? I don’t know her backstory. But Carlisle notes he fell in love with her and changed her and he himself was forever changed. Then Rosalie was forever changed by a man who was just mauled to near-death by a bear. Now Edward is also undergoing the change. He found Bella and Bella found him and now they’ve fallen into love. I meant that last part literally. They literally fell into a puddle of love or got stuck with a love arrow or whatever. Now their entire lives have changed. Bella’s biology is going to change. Edward apparently somehow changed biologically as well if he’s not “stuck” anymore. Like Ben said in the podcast, love is a thing that happens to you in this world. Doesn’t it make sense for there to be some sort of deity who controls that? I mean other mythological creatures exist, why not Cupid?

Carlisle is evil.

I don’t have any proof for this one. But the proof is the total lack of any evidence. He’s hailed as a good guy through and through. He’s been around for hundreds of years and has supposedly created a family of vampires for purely benevolent reasons… it’s too convenient.

He’s planning something. He’s got to be. Why else would he form a community of vampires around himself? All the religious imagery. All the people saying his superpower is “being super kind” or whatever. It’s too much. Yeah we’d all like to conclude that he’s vampire Jesus from that, but I can’t help but think it’s all been manufactured and planted to lead us to that conclusion.

Okay let’s look at some facts and read between the lines. Carlisle says he never drank human blood but we don’t have eye-witness testimony to back that claim up. Then he turns Edward so he “won’t be alone” anymore. He could have just as easily noticed Edward’s latent talent and young impressionable age. He knew he could turn Edward and then bend his will to meet his own.

Next I think is Esme? I don’t get the chain of events. A girl that falls in love with him and nearly dies so he saves her and turns her. That’s another minion added to his twisted family. Then we have Rosalie. He couldn’t have thought Edward would be remotely interested in her. She’s the worst. I’m sure he could see her true nature or something to that effect. He turned her knowing the two would be incompatible.

Then of course we are led to Emmett. Carlisle knew Rosalie would find someone eventually and that they would be turned, so he could count on an addition to the family. Emmett is a real good catch for Carlisle too. A stupid but super strong dude. Carlisle could easily twist a man like that to do his bidding.

Finally there’s Alice and Jasper. Alice can see the future and Jasper can manipulate emotions. Carlisle probably didn’t count on this, but it is fortunate to give him access to such talents. All he needs is a way to shield himself from the effects, and wouldn’t you know he found one in Bella? Assuming he couldn’t already shield himself from the effects! Mind blown!

Now I’m theorizing even harder here. What if Carlisle is the one who engineered Bella?

He’s been around for hundreds of years. It’s possible. And with Jasper’s talent it’s even easier than it ever was before! Because Jasper can make people feel randy and get it on!

I don’t know what Carlisle will do. In Midnight Sun Part 2, 3, and 4 I’m sure he’ll just be hanging out in the background. Plotting. Like a bad guy.

Ben is the real villain.

Have you ever had to read a 600 page book that you couldn’t possibly care less about? Where characters go about their every day lives? In slow. Agonizing. Detail. Page. After. Page. And you’re just waiting for something to happen? That’s the mark of a true villain. He deserved Ready Player One.

But that’s just a theory. A BOOK THEORY. Thanks for reading.

Nate Creed

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